Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Little Thing to Make Your Stay More Pleasant

There was a recent thread on the COTH about the little things that would make an event more pleasant and one of those little things was access to a mounting block.  Well, I have some good news!  Thanks to the generosity of good friend Pat Moore, we now have one.  She came for a lesson today and said that she didn't like using one of the rocks for a mounting block and that she was going to leave hers here so others could use it too.  And I have to tell you; it's the 3 step one too. Enjoy!!

Entries have opened for the Winona Horse Trials

Our secretary Penne Colao is going to be extremely busy preparing for her daughter’s wedding which is the weekend before Winona and she would be forever grateful and it would help to make her job a little easier by submitting your complete and correct entries in a timely fashion.   As a little extra incentive, we are going to have a special raffle for those competitors who submit a complete and correct entry postmarked by April 5 so get those entries in and you may win a prize.  In addition, any entry that meets the above criteria will not be subject to the office fee or change if you should have to scratch or make a change after closing date.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Text Messaging for Winona Horse Trials

As another service to our competitors we are offering a text message service where you can get messages directly on your cell phone during the Winona Horse Trials.  The messages will be similar to those that are generally announced on the PA that you may not always be able to hear such as posting of scores,  course walks, if things are running ahead or behind schedule etc.  This is a free service but you do have to sign up at Snap Snap Message.  Please note that you do have to have a texting plan on your cell phone or you will receive charges.

Sign up today before the season gets busier.  Don't forget to have your support crew sign up as well. You can always opt out later if you so choose.