Monday, November 21, 2011

Jumper Show & Cross Country Pace Competition

There had been a request for a Jumper Show and we thought sure; why not run a show in the sand dressage rings as a fundraiser for the new all weather jumping arena?   Then we thought that we would add a Cross Country element to the day as well by having a relatively short course where the riders could practice their pace while jumping fairly straight forward fences.  Well the why not was answered when we got some fairly heavy rains.  Of course I had already dragged cross country fences into place and flagged and numbered the courses but I wasn't thrilled about setting the stadium jumps in the slop so I was seriously considering canceling.  But the rain stopped and the arenas dried out really well so we set the course on Sat afternoon and moved the Training and Preliminary Cross Country into the pasture for a little better footing.

It was a lot of work for the number of entries we had, but everyone had fun.  Many never made it back to the pace portion of the competition as they kept jumping additional rounds until they got one the way they wanted and opted to skip the cross country.  For those who rode in the Pace competition was very educational as they had a practice round that was timed and they were told what their time was and then they got to do it again to get a better feel of the pace.  The Beginner Novice as a group were right on the pace only being off by a few second, Helen Rutter who ran the 780m Prelim Cross Country course 3 times finished one of her rounds exactly on the optimum time!  The Starters had the hardest time as 280mpm really is a combination of trotting and cantering. 

Helen Rutter and Push the Light

We're definitely going to put this competition on the schedule again but trying to find a date is going to be the tricky part.  Below are the results but I'm not 100% sure if the Novice and Training results are correct as things were getting a little confusing at eth end of the day with people jumping extra rounds.

Check out the pictures on Casual Creation Photography's website.

Jumper Show and Cross Country Pace Competition Results

Class 1 ~ Intro    
Rider Horse Place
Ashley Word Lazaro Incognito 1
Christa Priestly Dewey 2
Carlyn Crowl Chardonay 3
Class 2 ~ Intro     
Rider Horse Place
Carlyn Crowl Chardonay 1
Christa Priestly Dewey 2
Ashley Word Lazaro Incognito 3
Class 3 ~ Intro Cross Country Pace 
Rider Horse Place
Christa Priestly Dewey 1
Class 4 - Starter    
Rider Horse Place
Jenna Bludorn Dusty 1
Taylor Barger Cousin Ralph 2
Robin Hill Lasting Impression 3
Class 5 - Starter    
Rider Horse Place
Jenna Bludorn Dusty 1
Robin Hill Lasting Impression 2
Class 6 - Starter Cross Country    
Rider Horse Place
Taylor Barger Cousin Ralph 1
Ashley Word Lazaro Incognito 2
Robin Hill Lasting Impression 3
Class 7 - Beginner Novice    
Rider Horse Place
Tori Swejek Wilbur 1
Marty Kim Wolf 2
Rachel Olson Simple Pleasure 3
Kacey Locke Braak's Bizz 4
Jena Sorely Redd 5
Katie Taylor Halory 6
Class 8 - Beginner Novice    
Rider Horse Place
Taylor Barger Cousin Ralph 1
Marty Kim Wolf 2
Rachel Olson Simple Pleasure 3
Robin Mershon   Anola 4
Michelle Jewett Mr. Pushin My Luck 5
Tori Swejek Wilbur 6
Class 9 - Beginner Novice Cross Country
Rider Horse Place
Jena Sorely Redd 1
Michelle Jewett Mr. Pushin My Luck 2
Kait Miller Abby Road 3
Rachel Olson  Simple Pleasure 4
Marty Kim Wolf 5
Class 10 - Novice    
Rider Horse Place
Katie Taylor Halory 1
Deb Bowling It's Michael 2
Patty Keim Java Joe 3
Hannah Reeser Lightening 4
Holly Sell Minerva Lights 5
Jennifer Wilkes Bold Winter Diamond 6
Class 11 - Novice    
Rider Horse Place
Patty Keim Java Joe 1
Joy Campbell Fantasia 2
Deb Bowling It's Michael 3
Holly Sell Minerva Lights 4
Hannah Reeser Lightening 5
Robin Mershon Anola 6
Class 12 - Novice Cross Country    
Rider Horse Place
Holly Sell Minerva Lights 1
Michelle Jewett Mr. Pushin My Luck 2
Jennifer Wilkes Bold Winter Diamond 3
Joy Campbell Fantasia 4
Katie Taylor Halory 5
Class 13 - Training    
Rider Horse Place
Robin Mershon Grace 1
Kelley Reeser Calisto Odysey 2
Patty Keim Java Joe 3
Deb Bowling It's Michael 4
Class 14 - Training
Rider Horse Place
Patty Keim Java Joe  
Robin Mershon Grace  
Deb Bowling It's Michael  
Class 15 - Training Cross Country
Rider Horse Place
Jennifer Wilkes Bold Winter Diamond 1
Kelley Reeser Calisto Odysey 2
Class 16 - Prelim    
Rider Horse Place
Helen Rutter Push the Light 1
Kelley Reeser Calisto Odysey 2
Robin Mershon Grace 3
Desiree Pierce Smooth Sailin' 4
Class 17 -Prelim    
Rider Horse Place
Helen Rutter Push the Light 1
Desiree Pierce Smooth Sailin' 2
Robin Mershon Grace 3
Class 18 Prelim Cross Country    
Rider Horse  
Helen Rutter Push the Light  

Fall Hunter Pace

I'm a little late posting the Hunter Pace results but considering that I never usually post the results I'm doing pretty good to post them at all;)  This was the first time that we had to postpone a pace due to miserable weather.  I have to say trying to get the word out when there are no pre-entries its not so easy.  We did our best posting on FB, sending mass e-mails and making phone calls but I really think the weather was so miserable that not even the most die-hard riders stayed home.  The weather the following weekend was absolutely beautiful but I think many people didn't know that we had rescheduled as entries were rather low.
But those who came had a great time. 

Be sure to check out the pics at  Casual Creations Photography; they got some really nice shots.

Results for the Stone Gate Farm Fall Hunter Pace 2011

Jumping Division
Team Difference from Optimum Time Over or Under Place
Tori Swejk/Andred Porter/ :08 Over 1
Barbara Peterson/Hilda Cook :21 Under 2
Kelly, Hannah, and Virginia Reeser :40 Under 3
Catlin Haavisto/ Tiffany Schwarzlder 1:53 Under 4
Nancy Koch / Marianna Schafer 4:49 Over 5
Megan Douglas / Gabbie Van Scoy 6:36 Under 6
Rachel Cooper/ Emily Hammel 1:09:18 Over 7

Flat Division

Team Difference from Optimum Time Over or Under Place
Taylor Walton/ Allison Deem :06 Over 1
Sarah Campbell / Hannah Schaffer 2:07 Over 2
Sarah Campbell / Hannah Schaffer 2:49 Under 3
Moira & Rachelle Faire 3:06 Under 4
Lori Moore/ Terri Willard 3:23 Over 5
Ashley Word/ Joan Word 3:48 Over 6
Danielle Ferraro / Kacey Locke 4:11 Over 7
Jessica Coibson/Ansley callanan 4:45 Under 8
Katrina Koehnle/Allison Morris 5:32 Under 9
Robin Mershon / Nicki 5:40 Over 10
Dona Ferraro/Christine Casey 5:40 Under 11
Tom Gazley/ Gail Palton 5:58 Under 12

Trail Rider Division

Team Difference from Optimum Time Over or Under Place
Jeri Close / Jane Malmsbury 9:26 Over 1
Christine Seeling/Trisha Shepherd 9:50 Under 2
Carlyn Crowl / Holly Sell 11:36 Under 3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post Event Letter to Competitors

Hi All,
Well now that the dust has settled (actually it’s pretty wet right now) and clean up begins I thought I would take a moment to thank you for entering the Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials last weekend.  I realize that some of you didn't make it for various reasons and I hope that your horses are doing better, for some the weekend didn't go quite according to plan and for many others it was a pretty good weekend.  It is my goal to have more people in the 'had a pretty good weekend' category.  Check out this video of  ‘first timer’ Alexandra Foltz and Jiminy Cricket …I think they definitely had a good time.

The Gazebo Frame
The Gazebo Roof
My first goal is to provide safe, challenging (appropriate for the level) cross country and show jumping courses that are educational and fun for the horses and the riders.  However, I realize that there is more to a successful event than nice courses.  We continue to try to make improvements that will make your stay more pleasant and user friendly.  This year we added stall gates to the pipe barn and we’re still trying to figure out a way to improve the main barn (we take the gates off and store equipment and jumps in them) and Dave built two shelters ( check out  Dave's 'Big Idea" for more pics and the rest of the story) with seating for dressage and show jumping.  The gazebo for the dressage warm up area didn’t quite get done in time but it will be done by the end of the week.  The big plan for 2012 is building an all weather show jumping ring and derby field in the current cross country warm up near the stabling barns. The new PA didn’t work as expected so that is still on the ‘to do’ list as well as improving the few trails on cross country. In any case I would appreciate feedback from you so we can continue to upgrade, our facility (as time and money allows) and make your stay here more pleasant.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Helpful Links to Keep You in the Loop @ the Event

Here are two links to help you keep up with what's going on at the Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials. Start Box Scoring is the place to go for entry status, times, live scores and results.  Send this link to family and friends who can't be at the competition with you but would like to follow along.

Since we still haven't been able to upgrade the PA system you might want to consider signing up for the  Snap Snap Message system.  You will be able to receive test messages regarding the schedule (are we on time or not), posting of scores and more.  Click here to sign up, it's easy to do.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jumper Show & XC Pace Entry Form

Entry Form                                    


Jumper Classes: $10 / class pre-entry
                            $15/ class post entry
Cross Country Pace: $20 pre-entry (includes a practice round)
                            $25 / post entry
Additional Pace Rounds: $10 each
Stabling: $25 ~ $20 (separate check) stall cleaning deposit is required. Check will be destroyed is stall is left clean
Pre-Entries must be received by Tues Oct 11th
Ribbons will be awarded through 6th place at the end of each class.  
ASTM/SEI Approved Helmets are required while mounted!
Safety Vests are required for the Cross Country Pace
Medical armbands are recommended & are required for Minors if a parent is not on grounds


Send completed and signed entry and check payable to Stone Gate LLC & mail to:
                                    E-mail:                                        Jackie Smith
                        Phone: 330-222-2089                                                     31407 Schneider Rd.
                        Website:                                                 Hanoverton, OH 44423

Please use separate form for each horse and indicate the class(es) you wish to enter below:

Home Phone:

City, State
Cell Phone:
Horse’s Name:

Division Order:
Mark Class #
Division Order
Mark Class #

Novice ~ max height 2’11”

   1. Intro Jumper

   10. Novice Jumper

   2. Intro Jumper

   11. Novice Jumper

   3. Intro XC Pace

   12. Novice XC Pace

Starter ~ max height 2’

Training ~ max height 3’3”

   4. Starter Jumper

   13. Training Jumper 

   5. Starter Jumper

   14. Training Jumper

   6. Starter XC Pace

   15. Training XC Pace

Beginner Novice ~ max 2’7”

Preliminary ~ max height 3’7”

   7. Beginner Novice Jumper

   16. Preliminary Jumper

   8. Beginner Novice Jumper

   17. Preliminary Jumper

   9. Beginner Novice XC Pace

   18. Preliminary XC Pace

Stabling: $25


RELEASE: I understand that this is a high risk sport and I am participating at my own risk.  I hereby assume this risk and further do hereby release and hold harmless the Organizers & owners of the property (Dave & Jackie Smith) Stone Gate LLC, its officers, trustees, members and volunteers from all liability for negligence resulting in accidents, damage, injury, death, or illness to myself and to my property, including the horse or horses which I will ride at this event.

_________________________________________________________________      ____________________________
Rider’s Signature (parent or guardian if under 18)                                                  Date

Jumper Show & Cross Country Pace Competition Flier

 NEW Jumper Show and Cross Country Pace Competition
Sat Oct. 15th

The Jumper Show will be held in the sand dressage rings and there will be two classes / level.  All classes will be run under Table IV Sec. 1 which is based on faults and closest to optimum time. Entry Fees: Pre-Entry $10 / class     ~       Post-Entry $15 / class

Levels Offered & Tentative Schedule
Start Times (will NOT start before the times listed below)

  • Intro – x-rails to 1’                  Speed 240mpm            10:00
  • Starter – 2’                             Speed 280mpm            11:00
  • Beginner Novice – 2’7”         Speed 300mpm            12:00
  • Novice – 2’11”                        Speed 320mpm            1:00
  • Training – 3’3”                       Speed 325mpm            2:00
  • Preliminary – 3’7”                  Speed 350mpm            2:30

The Cross Country Pace competition will be held in the field where the back pond, bank complex and the show jumping is usually held.  There will be a measured distance of approximately 600m with up to six inviting cross country fences.  Each rider will get one practice timed round before the competition ride.  The winner will be the rider closest to the optimum time without going over.  Riders may ride additional rides at the same level with the best score counting for ribbons.  Riders may also enter multiple levels.
Entry Fee: Pre-Entry $20     ~       Post-Entry $25     ~      $10 for each additional round

Levels Offered & Tentative Schedule
Start Times (will NOT start before the times listed below)
  • Intro – up to 1’                        Speed 240mpm            11:00
  • Starter – 2’                             Speed 280mpm            12:00
  • Beginner Novice – 2’7”         Speed 325mpm            1:00
  • Novice – 2’11”                        Speed 350mpm            2:00
  • Training – 3’3”                       Speed 450mpm            3:00   will include a steeplechase fence
  • Preliminary – 3’7”                  Speed 520mpm            3:30   will include a steeplechase fence

ALL proceeds will go towards the development of a NEW all weather Show Jumping AND Derby Field

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raffle prizes for Early Bird Entries

Don't forget to get those entries postmarked by Aug 23 to be eligible for the 'early bird' discount of $20 and, if necessary, 'early bird'  entries will be allowed you to scratch up to a week later than the closing date.  In addition to the discount & extended closing date there will be a raffle drawing for prizes for 'complete & correct' entries that are postmarked by Aug 23rd which will include gift certificates from Big Dees.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aug 9th Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials Update

The Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials opens Aug 9th is offering an early bird discount to those competitors whose entries are post marked by Aug 23rd.   In addition to the $20 discount, the closing date for withdrawing and receiving a full refund less office fee will be extended by one week for those who submit an early bird entry.

The Area VIII Beginner Novice and Novice Championship divisions will have $20 from each entry as prize money.  Last year there was $400 per division awarded.  There will also be an award for the youngest and oldest riders in both of the championship divisions to recognize those riders who have been supporting support the sport of eventing for awhile and encouraging those riders who will be the future of the sport.  A full list of qualified horses/riders through July 31 is posted at

There will be a Masters Beginner Novice & Novice Rider divisions for riders over 50 who have not competed above Novice & and Training respectively in the last two years.  If there are not enough entries to make a division; there will be an award for the best scoring Masters at each level.

More information will be posted at
Enter Stone Gate using Xentry. Login here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Show Jumping Location Survey

Despite all the rain and canceling cross country for the Winona Horse Trials I think we may have stumbled onto something that worked quite well; show jumping in the dressage arenas.  I received many positive comments about show jumping in the sand rings and many people were wishing that we could show jump there all the time.  I have actually been thinking about having a show jumping ring on relatively level ground with all weather footing but I couldn't figure out where to put it.  For the last year I have been looking and walking the neighbor's land near the stabling and dreaming about the possibilities. Unfortunately the land isn't available at this time, but we're working on it. So what are we to do?

That's where you come in, after all the decision affects you the competitor not me, although I do think it's easier setting up the show jumping in the rings as opposed to the current show jumping area.  If we cannot buy more land; would you be willing to have dressage moved to the current show jumping area and move the show jumping to the dressage rings?   If we can buy more land would you prefer to have the dressage in a more secluded area and show jump in the dressage rings or have a separate new area for show jumping and leave the dressage arenas where they are?

I would appreciate your input as we are talking of a potential big investment or at the least a big change of phase location and footing.

Thanks very much for your input.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Competitors Success Story @ the Winona Horse Trials

Dear Jackie:

Let me be the first to congratulate you on handling the situation with grace and patience. This is not the first horse trials I've been rained out on (you should have seen Hunter's Run in....2009? OMG!), nor will it be the last. Everyone in this sport knows the risks--and these risks are also weather related.

I came hoping to score some USEA points on my Morgan pony, as it is only our second year eventing and he hates water. We thought it would be a piece of cake handling your course due having an option at the water. How ironic that we came away with neither points nor the opportunity to run XC.  However! We did come away with many more valuable things: the perseverance to come to a show nearly five hours away ENTIRELY alone--not a human or equine friend to accompany us; the ability to manager together, snuggled in stall #33, one of the most engaging thunderstorms I have ever been in; handling dressage warm up on wet, slimy grass right next to cross country jumps which are his preferred mode of travel; and running a stadium course with a potential Dorothy and Toto sky nipping at our heels. Indeed, when we were waiting in line, the winds were gathering great momentum and all the ponies were starting to get a bit skittish! Fun, fun, fun!

I will remember this event for the rest of my life--not because I got a clear cross country run or because we place at a fully USEA show (two things I thought I was coming down for) but because I got to spend 30 hours with the best pony in the world, and we learned to rely on each other wholly. For Bronzie that included sleeping ALONE without any home horse nearby. Well, he made fast friends with the mare nearby. For me, that included watching my trailer almost tip right over as I dragged it across the soggy wet grass to avoid getting stuck.  The entire experience, good, bad, and ugly was worth the drive and the cost of the show, and I would do it all again.

I didn't need to write all of this, Jackie, but I wanted you to know that I'll definitely be back next year and will pray that you get some well-deserved, perfect Ohio spring weather. Lord knows you deserve it! Well done, and thanks again...

Barbara martin and Atta Lane Bronzemen (cutest Morgan pony alive!)
PS: Sorry for the typos. Have to grade papers!