Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Hunter Pace

I'm a little late posting the Hunter Pace results but considering that I never usually post the results I'm doing pretty good to post them at all;)  This was the first time that we had to postpone a pace due to miserable weather.  I have to say trying to get the word out when there are no pre-entries its not so easy.  We did our best posting on FB, sending mass e-mails and making phone calls but I really think the weather was so miserable that not even the most die-hard riders stayed home.  The weather the following weekend was absolutely beautiful but I think many people didn't know that we had rescheduled as entries were rather low.
But those who came had a great time. 

Be sure to check out the pics at  Casual Creations Photography; they got some really nice shots.

Results for the Stone Gate Farm Fall Hunter Pace 2011

Jumping Division
Team Difference from Optimum Time Over or Under Place
Tori Swejk/Andred Porter/ :08 Over 1
Barbara Peterson/Hilda Cook :21 Under 2
Kelly, Hannah, and Virginia Reeser :40 Under 3
Catlin Haavisto/ Tiffany Schwarzlder 1:53 Under 4
Nancy Koch / Marianna Schafer 4:49 Over 5
Megan Douglas / Gabbie Van Scoy 6:36 Under 6
Rachel Cooper/ Emily Hammel 1:09:18 Over 7

Flat Division

Team Difference from Optimum Time Over or Under Place
Taylor Walton/ Allison Deem :06 Over 1
Sarah Campbell / Hannah Schaffer 2:07 Over 2
Sarah Campbell / Hannah Schaffer 2:49 Under 3
Moira & Rachelle Faire 3:06 Under 4
Lori Moore/ Terri Willard 3:23 Over 5
Ashley Word/ Joan Word 3:48 Over 6
Danielle Ferraro / Kacey Locke 4:11 Over 7
Jessica Coibson/Ansley callanan 4:45 Under 8
Katrina Koehnle/Allison Morris 5:32 Under 9
Robin Mershon / Nicki 5:40 Over 10
Dona Ferraro/Christine Casey 5:40 Under 11
Tom Gazley/ Gail Palton 5:58 Under 12

Trail Rider Division

Team Difference from Optimum Time Over or Under Place
Jeri Close / Jane Malmsbury 9:26 Over 1
Christine Seeling/Trisha Shepherd 9:50 Under 2
Carlyn Crowl / Holly Sell 11:36 Under 3

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