Sunday, April 29, 2012

Winona Horse Trials Notes to Competitors

Welcome to the Winona Horse Trials at Stone Gate Farm. We’re happy to see so many new competitors and many ‘regulars’. Please read the information below and even if you have been coming here for years please read as we have changed a few things.

  • Start Box is once again providing entry status and live scoring . Click here for a link to Start Box
    • Entry Status - please check to make sure you are entered in the correct division and that your entry is complete. Many people who entered on line need to send a signature page, coggins, and stall deposit.  Others missed the 'early bird' discount and still owe money.  If you owe anything please send it to the secretary Penne Colao @ 1431 Shenango Road, Darlington, PA 16115
    • Start times & stabling assignments will be available on Wed. May 9th.   Click here for the tentative schedule
    • Results can be accessed anytime during the competition by going to the above link.  Be sure to send the link to family and friends who won’t be coming with you so they can keep up to date on you results. If you have an air card and a laptop or smart phone anywhere anytime. Scores will be posted inside the large cement structure stabling and the dressage arena and in the small metal building between the two larger buildings the day parking.
  • Be sure to sign up for the Snap Snap Message Service for all competitors, support crew and volunteers. When you can’t hear the PA you can be notified of any changes to the schedule, posting of scores etc. It’s quick and easy click here to sign up.
  • We are offering Express Check-In for those who have complete and correct entries so if you owe anything, please try to get it in ASAP to the above address so you can take advantage of Express Check-In. Packets will be in numeric order, there will be an alpha list in case you forgot your number.  
    • Those who are stabled; your packets will be in the big cement structure near the barns along with cross country & stadium maps.  Cross country maps are available now here
    • All others will have to stop by the house to pick up your packets. You may want to stop up top and get your packet before going down to the barn (park in the front parking field)
    • Express Check in will also be available at the house on Sat. for those trailering in.
  • The Future Event Horses: will be competing in the dressage ring closest to the pond and warming up in the ring next to the drive.  Please use caution when driving in so as to not spook the youngsters.
  • Paper pinnies will be used.  Plastic holders may be purchased from the secretary for $15.
  • All levels and divisions will be doing the A Dressage Tests
  • The shuttle service will be running on Sat. We will have pick ups will be at the house, near the big cement structure near the stabling barn & stadium near the port-a-Jon  or call Jan @ 330-853-1580
  • Awards: All divisions will have awards and ribbons through 8th place . The Thoroughbred Incentive Program is offering awards and $100 prize money to the best score at each level.  If you have a TB and have not entered yet go  here  for more information. Awards sponsored by TRM Ireland will be given to those who finish closest to 'optimum time' (without going over) on Sun.  For those who may have to leave before picking up your ribbon there will be envelops available that you can address and leave with $2 for mailing the ribbon to you.
T.I.P. Awards

  •  We have more requests for stabling than we have stalls.  We try to do our best to assign stalls on a 'first come' basis, keeping groups together if at all possible and accommodating those with multiple rides.  We will  be using two local barns: Hill Crest and Saddle Up.  Be sure to check your stabling location when checking for your ride times.  The barn locations and directions can be found on the Google Map
  • Please note: The drive to stabling is ONE WAY! DO NOT drive in the neighbor’s hay field! They are generous enough to allow us to use their drive, please don’t jeopardize that by driving in their field. We are going to leave the drive open during dressage as a convenience to competitors and to keep horses off the cross country course as much as possible. However we have a few requests:
    • if there is a horse doing their test in Ring 2 (closest to the drive) please wait until their test is completed before going down the drive.  This goes for vehicles and horses.
    • it is requested that people get to and from the warm up through the pasture/cross country course especially if you have a dog or child in tow ;)   
  •  Click here for a stable area map to help you locate your stall(s) and parking (which will be tight) Please unload quickly and park your trailer quickly as it and get very congested very quickly. If you have a large motor home we ask that you park at the top of the hill in the day parking field. 
  • Tips to help make your stay a little more pleasant:  Lift the stall gates in the middle for easier handling, bring a flashlight or head lamp as lights are run off a generator and are turned off at 11:00pm, the fresh spring water cistern and the  manure pile may be a bit of a hick from some stalls - bring a wheelbarrow to make the hauling easier, wash racks with a hose are located up in the day parking area behind the 3 metal buildings.
  • ONE bale of straw will be provided unless you have requested NO straw.  You may pre-order bagged shavings @ $7/bag by going to this link. All shavings orders placed by Wed. May 9th will have the shavings in their stalls. A limited number of bags may be available for purchase.
  • Stalls must be stripped or your $25 stall cleaning check will be cashed.  Don't want to strip your stall but you don't want to be charged $25?  You can hire a Western Reserve Pony Club member to clean your stall for you for $10. If you did not sign up for this service when you made your entry, you can still sign up here
      Directions & Maps:   Stone Gate Farm 31407 Schneider Rd. Hanoverton, OH 44423
  •  Link to Google Map to Stone Gate Farm, off grounds stabling and hotels. You can click on the satellite button and get satellite photos of the area. You’ll have to play around with it a little to zoom in or pan east or west, but hopefully it will be useful. 
  •  For those coming to Stone Gate Farm from SR 9, continue on Schneider Rd past the house and the Stone Gate Farm sign to the next drive at the bottom of the hill. You will go past the dressage arenas and enter the stabling area to the right. DO NOT pull in the drive unless you’re stopping to pick up packets. In which case you’ll park in the field to the west of the house.
  • Click here for a Satellite Map of the farm will help you find your way around the farm..  The map will be very useful for those who have never been to the farm before and for those who have been coming for years be sure to check it out because we have a new show jumping arena in a different location.
  • Cross Country maps are now posted on the SGF website.
  • We hope to have virtual course walks available with pictures on My Course Walk a few days before the event.  Even if we don't get the pictures taken; we'll still share the courses on My Course Walk.  
  • Stadium maps will available at check in and will be on the back of you cross country maps

Volunteers are still needed!  If you are going to be done riding early we could use a few jump judges for the Starter division which runs at the end of the day on Sat.  AND for anyone who lives relatively close, we ALWAYS could use some help with the set upIt will give you a chance to get a sneak peek at the cross country or show jumping courses ;)

For those who might be interested in learning more about what we have been doing on the farm in regards to improvement projects such as new show jumping arena or that large cement structure (aka the dome which is scheduled to go up this week) that I'm referring to check out the SGF Blog for the full story complete with pics.

Finally we would like to thank you for coming and we hope you and your horse have a GREAT weekend. Keep you fingers crossed for DRY weather!

Jackie & Dave