Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest Winona Horse Trials Updates

April 27 - Latest Updates:

  • Entries will be accepted through May 7th or until full.  Entries must be made on line and paid for on line via X Entries or
  • CANTER OH has donated a Five Star halter for the best scoring OTTB. E-mail with the following information: Rider, Horse, Registered name, Division. Please submit the following information if you have it: Registration #,  Sire, Dam, Sire of Dam, Breeder, Money won
  • Winona and many events in of Area VIII will be introducing the paper pinnies to be used in the plastic holders. The holders will be available for purchase at the discount price of $15.  If you are wearing an inflatable vest we request that you purchase a pinny holder.
  • Stone Gate Farm is hosting the Future Event horse classes the first time and we have a good group of youngsters coming including 3 stallion prospects. Evan Gearhart of Sugar Brook Farm in NY will be handling the 2 year old colt Secret Agent who is by Coconut Grove out of a Starman mare.  The other two colts are 3 year old TBs. Amber Bauman will be bringing her buckskin TB Endorsed Bullion all the way from Chicago and Rion Day’s gray colt War Child will be heading north from KY.  The competition will begin @ 3:00 on Fri May 13th
  • Western PA Eventing Assoc will be conducting a cross country walks for ALL interested Beginner Novice and Novice competitors at on Saturday May 14, 2011.  Riders will meet at the start box at a time to be determined (after show jumping) based on the schedule. Becka Simmons ( and Kyle Smith ( will be your leaders for the walk. The course walk will help you to focus on what issues you should be paying attention to when you look at a fence you will be jumping on cross country. Terrain, approach, the fence itself, going away from and what follows the fence will all be issues discussed. 
  • All competitors, volunteers, officials and support teams are encouraged to sign up for the Snap Snap texting service.  Receive information on your phone concerning course walk, posting of scores etc. Go to to sign up, it’s easy to do
  • The Winona Horse Trials begins the year long celebration of the Stone Gate Farm’s 25th Birthday for with various raffles and prizes being offered throughout the year.

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Style Pinny - Need Your Input

Over the past year a trend has begun. Competition areas have been veering away from traditional cloth pinnies and are beginning to use ones like those used all across Europe. In Europe, pinnies are owned by the competitor, and just the numbers are given out at the event. The pinnies are easy on, easy off, and expand even to accommodate an Air Jacket---so no concerns there! 

I'm debating if we want to go this way or not.  Would you be willing to pay $20 for your pinny holder?  Bit of Britain is willing to send us pinny holders to sell at the event and we only have to pay for the ones we sell and can send back the ones that we don't.  That way you wouldn't have to pay shipping and I wouldn't have to make a big investment.  I'm still not thrilled about having to print numbers every time but the thought of not having to track down pinnies is somewhat appealing.  Another up side for the riders is that the color of the pinny won't clash with your colors and the pictures will look nicer ;D

So let me know your thoughts ASAP so I can  order the pinny holders if we decide to go that way.  Thanks


Update on the pinnies: Nunn Finer will be providing the numbers so I will NOT have to print the paper numbers each time!!  Now it is looking a little more appealing to me. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is this Prize Worthy?

I got an e-mail the other day in regard to the raffle drawing for a saddle pad for the 'complete and correct entries' received by April 5th.  Holly Sell thinks she should get a prize because she is probably the only one who braids her horse with yarn -  now get this - made from the wool of her own sheep!!  In addition her horse Awesome will be celebrating his 20th Birthday on cross country day @ Winona.

What do you thing, is this prize worthy?  If nothing else an excuse for cake!


Winona Trivia

I received this e-mail today and thought you would share it with all of you.  Remember we are having a Stone Gate Farm 25th Birthday Celebration all year and we will be giving prizes for the best reports for the Competitors Corner, Volunteer Views and Clinics and Camp report.

"Since you are celebrating your 25 years I thought you would like some trivia. Lightening was born the weekend of the Winona Horse trials 5 years ago. That was the year cross country had to be held up for severe thunder storms - thus her barn name Lightening. Fox was on course during those storms."

Virginia Reeser

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st Winona Raffle Winner

We have a winner for those who had submitted a complete and correct entry postmarked by April 5th.  We had to draw 3 numbers before we got a complete entry.  Sorry Megan Douglas, you would have been the winner if you had sent in a current coggins ;(  Anyway the winner of a beautiful saddle pad donated by the Equestrian Shoppe is Madeline Bletzacker.

Madeline you may pick up your  prize at the event.  Every other competitor and volunteer is still eligible for another raffle during the event which included a $25 Big Dee's gift certificate and more.  But you have to either enter the event or sign up to volunteer to be eligible to win.  Hint, hint I need entries and volunteers ;)