Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Hunter Pace - Pre entry Times

 Sorry this is so late but the jumper show ran long and I had a lot of work to do on the course and I just now got done scheduling those who pre-entered on-line.  If you talked to me or sent me an e-mail I may have very well forgotten you so you'll have to enter the old fashioned way ... when you arrive.  My alopogies but I am suffering from CRS Syndrome (Can't Remember Sh&T)

Anyway here's what I got trying to accommodate those who requested early times.

Div Time # Rider 1 Horse 1 Rider 2 Horse 2 Rider 3 Horse 3
Flat 11:30 1 Ashley Word Zander Joan Word Indy Chrissy Priestley  
Trail 11:33 2 Erika Smeyres Trek Rebecca Haag Tango   Shelby
Jump 12:00 3 Laura Vello/          
Jump 12:03 4 Reggie Jakacki Freddie Krista Child Simeon    
Jump 12:06 5 Emily Moore Lucy Marissa Lucci Saskia    
Jump 12:09 6 Tess Haynes Otis Azia Haynes Shooter    
  12:12 7            
  12:15 8            
  12:18 9            
  12:21 11            
  12:24 13 Bonnie Gyetko Chocolate Girl Kathy O'Brien Gunner    
  12:27 14 Katie Delaney Nova Stacy Guerra Hans Alicia Lucarelli Dina
  12:30 15 Chelsea Nau Workman Rosie Grace Gyetko Phoenix Isabella O'Brien Abe
Trail 12:33 16 Michele Jewett Dare to Venture Jonathan Jewett Miss Daisy    
Trail 12:36 17 Amie Cline Tilly Racheal Cline Shy Jessie Birney  
Flat 12:39 18            
Flat 12:42 19            
  12:45 20            
Flat 12:48 21            
Flat 12:51 22            
Flat 12:54 23            
  12:57 24 Kacey Locke Penny Danielle Ferraro Cody    
  1:00 25 Nikki Drew Sweets Rick Miday Shelby    
  1:03 26 Jenny Ruberto Peppy brett legg risky    
  1:06 27 Holly Sell Awesome Carlyn Crowl Chardonnay    
Flat 1:09 28 Kathy Lamprecht Poco Harold Lamprecht Sonny    
Flat 1:12 29 Colleen Sotak Texas Grant Jones Diamond    
Flat 1:15 30 Beth Rucki Stealth Tori Swejk Juliet Erin Walborn Rico
  1:18 31 Claire Rowlands Ivan Marina Bortmas Riley    
  1:21 33            
Trail 1:24 34 heather lautzenheiser luke molly gerber mark cathy whitehouse gus
Trail 1:27 35 Barbara Petersen Bach Yvette Petersen RosieMai Hilda Cook Tubby
Trail 1:30 36 Terra Rue Gambit Stevie Dalrymple Logan    
Trail 1:33 37 TERRI TISONE          

See you tomorrow and don't forget, if you entered on line I will need you to sign a release form but please let the person who is checking you in that you pre-entered so you don't get assigned an different number and time. 


It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day for a Hunter Pace on Mon.  It's hard to imagine that while we're enjoying the farm and our horses so many have lost everything including their horses to the recent tornadoes in OK.  Since Mon is Memorial day, in addition to remembering the men and women who have sacrificed for our country, will be running the Spring Hunter Pace in memory of all who lost so much during the .  Stone Gate Farm is pledging 10% from every entry to be sent to fellow Eventers at Plain as Day Eventing whose farm was destroyed including all of their horses.   Click here to read more.

Scroll down to will find a course map. I hope to post tentative times for those who pre-entered on-line.  There is still time to enter on-line and request an approximate ride time and simple arrive on Mon and sign a release form, pay your entry fees and pick up your number.  Here's the link to the on-line registration.

Just a quick reminder that we will be having a Jumper Show & Derby on Sun that you may be interested in.  Click here  for more information.  We will not be putting the show jumps away after the show and we request that there be NO schooling of the show jumps.  Thank you.

Hope to see you on Mon.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Winona Competitor Pre-event Letter

Welcome to the Winona Horse Trials.   Please read the information below and even if you have been coming here for years please read as we have changed a few things.

  • Entry Status, Start Times & Stabling Assignments: are now available on Start Box  please check to make sure we have you in the correct division and notify the secretary  asap if there is a problem. Also, if you see that your entry is NOT complete it would be greatly appreciated if you could get that taken care of before your arrival.
    • Start times & stabling assignments will be available Wed. May 8th on Start Box The overall schedule currently was sent in a previous e-mail. Be sure to check the overall schedule in your program for the breaks when Show Jumping will be available for walking
    • Results can be accessed anytime during the competition by going to the above link.  Be sure to send the link to family and friends who won’t be coming with you so they can keep up to date on you results.  If you have smart phone or an i-pad you can check your scores anywhere anytime.  Scores will be posted in the dome and and in the small metal building in the middle near the day parking.
  • Packets: we will have express check in for those who have complete and correct entries.  There will be an alpha list and you can help yourself to your packet.  On Fri Express Check in will be available at the dome until dark and Sat at the front porch of the house. For those who don't have complete entries; you will have to check in with the secretary at the house.  Feel free to stop and park in the front parking field to pick up your packets before heading to the stabling area. Don’t forget pick up maps and programs. 
  • Competitors who DO NOT have complete entries MUST have what they need to make your entry complete  before you will be given a number.
  • We’re using Snap Snap Texting Service for all competitors, support crew and volunteers.  When you can’t hear the PA you can be notified of any changes to the schedule, posting of scores etc.  It’s quick and easy to sign up at here
  • We will be using paper pinnies.  The plastic pinny holders can be purchased at the tack shop which will be on grounds
  • Please note: The drive to stabling is ONE WAY!  DO NOT drive in the neighbor’s hay field!  They are generous enough to allow us to use their drive, please don’t jeopardize that by driving in their field. We are going to try to leave the drive open during dressage (we have done this for a year now and it works quite well if people are considerate) as a convenience to competitors and to keep horses off the cross country course as much as possible.  However we have a few requests:
    • if there is a horse doing their test in Ring 2 (closest to the drive) please wait until their test is completed before going down the drive
    • it is requested that people get to and from the warm up through the pasture/cross country course especially if you have a dog or child in tow ;)
    • those who are in the day parking field are asked to access the warm up are via Schneider Rd.
  • All levels  and divisions will be doing the A Dressage Tests 
  • The shuttle service will be running on Sat. We will have pick ups will be at the house, near the ‘dome’  near stabling barn & stadium area or call Kevin @ 234-567-1952
  • Awards:  All divisions will have ribbons through 8th place and an award for 1st place. In addition to the prize winners will receive a My Course Walk app for i-phones or i-pads and the winner of the "closest to optimum time" on cross country will receive their choice of  one set of MOJO FutureTech Performance Discs for your Horse or Dogs or A single Hologram  Performance Band. A $40 Value. Check out the  the MoJo FB page For those who may have to leave before picking up your ribbon there will be envelops available that you can address and leave with $2 for mailing the ribbon to you. There will be additional awards that will be listed in the program
  • Stabling:
    • Initial bedding of straw will be provided.  If you do not want the initial bedding and you did not indicate so on your stabling form please e-mail ASAP If you would like to order shavings click here.
    • The lights in the barn run off a generator and will be shut off at 11:00PM on Fri.  You may want to bring a flashlight or head lamp. Stalls 59 - 70 do not have lights
    • All stalls have gates but some of the stall gates may be a little difficult use, but if you lift them up in the center they are much easier to handle.
    • Stalls must be stripped to have the ‘muck check’ destroyed
Directions and/or maps can be found at here.     The link includes the following:
  •  written directions and pics
  •  Link to Google Map of Stone Gate Farm:  You can find directions to the farm, motels and off site stabling. can be found at above link
  • Satellite Map of the farm will help you find your way around the farm. Please refer to the map on the website so you know where you are going. For those who have been coming for years may want to check out the map as well as you will are getting to and from the dressage warm up differently than in years past.
  • Stable area map to help you locate your stall(s) and parking (which will be tight)

IMPORTANT There are TWO road closures that may affect you. 
  1. Road Closing for those who are traveling from the PA Turnpike. SR 165 is closed just west of SR 7. You will continue South on SR 164 to Columbiana and SR 14. You will turn right onto 14 but do NOT follow the detour when it turns right as it will take you out of your way. Continue west on 14 into the town of Salem and and turn left onto Lincoln Ave (traffic light, Chamber of Comerce on left) until you get to SR 45 (Circle K on the right, it only turns right and there's a light). Continue to the 2nd light and this will be SR 9.  
  2. For those coming from the north on 534; it is close just south of I76.  Do not follow the detour; turn left (at teh light) onto Mahoning Ave and proceed east until you get to SR 45 and turn right or south.  Just north of Salem 45 makes a right onto a 4 lane road, SR 9 will be the 3rd light.
Cross Country & Show Jump Maps will be available at the start box and the in gate to show jumping.  The cross country courses are all available now at My Course Walk  

Be sure to stop at the camper to check out the pics from Brant Gamma Photography and while your at it be sure to stop in at the Discount Stable tack trailer.  If you're in need of a plastic pinny holder you can buy one there.  and a sales rep for CWD Saddles will be on grounds over the weekend and the sales rep for the
MOJO FutureTech Performance Bands and Halter/Bridle Discs, for YOU and your HORSE by Dona.     State of the Art Holographic Technology with benefit seen with Instant Balance, Increased Strength, Greater Flexibility, More Energy, Faster Recovery, Enhanced Coordination, Stamina, and Endurance, and these are both on yourself and your animals (horse & dog).   Benefits may also include: Pain relief,  elimination of,  or less frequent Migraines, Leg Cramps, the benefits can go on.  Individual result can vary.  Find out what MOJO can do for you this weekend at Winona Horse Trials !   Testimonials can be found on FB:  Mojo FutureTech 4Horse 4Human by Dona, or the company webpage  or CALL or Text Dona @ 330.727.2283  or send her an e-mail for more info.

Well I think that's it for now.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and a great weekend of eventing.