Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Hunter Pace

Hunter Pace Update - well the weather man was wrong - no rain; in fact it was a beautiful day for a Hunter Pace.  For those who stayed home because you thought it was going to rain, you missed a great day! Check out the pictures at Casual Creations

Even Sadie & I were having fun at the Hunter Pace

Pre Hunter Pace Notice:

It's that time of year again; the SGF Fall Hunter Pace is Sun Sept 30th. Below is a list of Rules & Reminders for the Hunter Pace.  Registration will be at the front porch of the house and to save time click here for an entry form which you can bring with you or better yet fill out the on-line entry form and pay when you arrive. Keep in mind that the jumping entries close @ 11:00, the flat entries close @ 1:00 and trail riders close @ 1:30.

Just a reminder that  we have added TWO minutes to the optimum time to give you plenty of time to get a drink.  The course is quite a bit different than in the past so please be sure to review your map before heading out on course. 

Coopers will have their concession stand set up behind the house.

We will be holding the pace rain or shine so please plan accordingly.

Hope to see you Sun.


                           Speeds Used to Calculate the Optimum Time
ALL Ideal Times include a 2 minute Cider Break
          Jumping: 240mpm
          Flat / Hilltoppers: 200 mpm
          Trail Riders: 160mpm

Rules and Reminders
  • Jumping teams must jump or attempt to jump all the fences
  • Riders may by pass a fence only after 3 attempts or circles
  • The jumps mark the course as well as fence ribbon, arrows and mowed paths. Flat teams should pass closely to the jumps
  • All team members must finish the course to be considered for the final placing
  • The last team member to cross the finish line is the team’s time. If you are the last member of your team please tell the timer that you are the last rider and your team number
  • Riders must wear boots with heels & hard hats
  • The jumping warm up is in the dressage ring nearest to the pond.  Please use caution as you will be in the middle of the course.  Flat warm up and the final holding area will be in the new jumping ring.  Please NO jumping in this area.
  • You can get to the warm up by going past the announcers tower & between 2 tall telephone poles & directly down the hill. Go past the barns and follow the drive to the warm up area.
  • Please use caution when going to and from the warm up; you will be crossing the course
  • Please be prepared to start at your scheduled time.  The order of go will be numerical.
  • When passing teams, please do so no faster than a trot & only where is can be done safely
  • Only jump flagged obstacles No schooling of fences.  Once you have jumped a fence please continue on the course
  • Non jumping teams may jump any of the flagged obstacle TWO minutes have been added to the ‘ideal time’ for the Cider Break
  • When you pass the two silver gates please WALK to the finish.
  • At the completion of your rider please put your number in the laundry basket near the covered bleachers.
  • Please stay to the edge of the fields
Have a Great Ride!

Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials Wrap up Report

Well another SGF Horse Trials in the record  books.  The rain came at night just as ordered, although lingered a little into Sat morning, the temps were cooler and the footing was much improved after the rain.  All in all a great fall weekend for eventing.

Full results can be found on Start Box. In addition to the leather grooming halter winners received a bag of TRM Ireland products and all riders placing first through sixth received a FLAIR Nasal Strip.  Many thanks to both TRM and FLAIR for sponsoring awards.  Some lucky TB owners also were the recipient of the T.I.P.  awards which were sponsored by the Jockey Club and awarded a championship ribbon, a saddle pad with a logo and $100 check.  We had many eligible horses who submitted the required entry form and proof of eligibility.  Unfortunately there were a couple of owners who didn't get their T.I.P. entry forms and required information in before of the start of the competition and they lost out.  The T.I.P. winners are:
     Preliminary: Sue Hines and Flying Four Shoes
     Training: Julie McElhaney and Uprising
     Novice: Amanda Ruane and Angel Fire
     Beginner Novice and Rockin' Rodney
     Starter: Natalie Krill and Firecracker

Please send our sponsors a quick note thanking them for their support.  Here are their e-mail addresses: Megan Feltrup from TRM IrelandNan Rawlins from FLAIR, and  Kristin Hix from the Jockey Club

There were some other special awards.  The Summer's Gift Memorial award for the highest placing Young Rider in the Open Preliminary division went to Hannah Zollweg and Itty Bitty Sarah and the Master Beginner Novice Award went to Judith Yaegle and Liam.

Brant and Pete got some great pictures which can be found on their website.  Below are some pictures that were taken by one of our jump judges.  If you have any pictures that you would like to share on Face Book, be sure to tag Stone Gate Farm.  For those of you who are on FB, please be sure to 'like' Stone Gate Farm.  That's were we post the absolute latest news about what is going on at SGF.

We hope everyone had a great time and as always we are always looking for ways to make your experience even better so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

Until next time.

Jackie & Dave

Gabbie VanScoy and Crescent Dreams - winner of the Jr/YT Training Div

Julie McElhaney & Uprising - Winners of the Sr Training and TIP Award

Natalie Krill & Firecracker- Winner of the Starter Division and the TIP Award

Katie Taylor & Bev Petrick's Rockin' Rodney - Beginner Novice & TIP Winners

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Notes to SGF Horse Trials Competitors

Notes to Competitors:
Welcome to the Stone Gate Horse Trials.   Please read the information below and even if you have been coming here for years please read as we have changed a few things. 

First of all I would like to thank our awards sponsors: the Jockey Club TIP, TRM Ireland (be sure to stop by their tent to check out their product),  and FLAIR Strips.  Click here  to read more information 
  • We are happy to announce that we will be using Start Box scoring again this year.   Here's the link to Start Box
    • Start times & stabling assignments which are now available.  The overall tentative schedule currently posted and the actual schedule is only slightly different. Be sure to check the overall schedule in your program for the breaks when Show Jumping will be available for walking
    • Results can be accessed anytime during the competition by going to the above link.  Be sure to send the link to family and friends who won’t be coming with you so they can keep up to date on you results.  If you have an air card and a laptop or an phone with internet you can check your scores anywhere anytime.  Scores will be posted under the awning of the camper near stabling and in the small metal building in the middle near the day parking.
  • Packets will be available at the house.  Feel free to stop and park in the front parking field to pick up your packets before heading to the stabling area. Don’t forget pick up maps and programs. 
  • Competitors who DO NOT have complete entries MUST have what they need to make your entry complete  before you will be given a number.
  • We’re using Snap Snap Texting Service for all competitors, support crew and volunteers.  When you can’t hear the PA you can be notified of any changes to the schedule, posting of scores etc.  It’s quick and easy to sign up.  Here's the link to sign up
  • We will be using paper pinnies.  A limited number of  plastic pinny holders will be available for purchase for $15 ($5 lower than what you can buy them for at Bit of Britain)
  • Please note: The drive to stabling is ONE WAY!  DO NOT drive in the neighbor’s hay field!  They are generous enough to allow us to use their drive, please don’t jeopardize that by driving in their field. We are going to try to leave the drive open during dressage (we have done this for a year now and it works quite well if people are considerate) as a convenience to competitors and to keep horses off the cross country course as much as possible.  However we have a few requests:
    • if there is a horse doing their test in Ring 2 (closest to the drive) please wait until their test is completed before going down the drive
    • it is requested that people get to and from the warm up through the pasture/cross country course especially if you have a dog or child in tow ;)
    • those who are in the day parking field are asked to access the warm up are via Schneider Rd.
  • All levels  and divisions will be doing the B Dressage Tests with the exception of Starter which will be riding Beginner Novice Test A
  • The shuttle service will be running on Sat. We will have pick ups will be at the house, near the ‘dome’  near stabling barn & stadium area or call Jan @ 330-853-1580
  • Awards:  All divisions will have ribbons through 8th place and an award for 1st place. For those who may have to leave before picking up your ribbon there will be envelops available that you can address and leave with $2 for mailing the ribbon to you. There will be additional awards that will be listed in the program
  • Stabling:
    • Initial bedding of straw will be provided.  If you do not want the initial bedding and you did not indicate so on your stabling form please e-mail ASAP
    • The lights in the barn run off a generator and will be shut off at 11:00PM on Fri.  You may want to bring a flashlight or head lamp.
    • Some of the stall gates may be a little difficult use, but if you lift them up in the center they are much easier to handle.
    • Stalls must be stripped to have the ‘muck check’ destroyed
Directions and/or maps can be found at:  
Sign on SR 9
  • IMPORTANT Road Closing for those who are traveling from the PA Turnpike. SR 165 is closed. You will continue South on SR 164 to Columbiana and SR 14. You will turn right onto 14 but do NOT follow the detour when it turns right as it will take you out of your way. Continue west on 14 into the town of Salem and and turn left onto Lincoln Ave (traffic light, Chamber of Comerce on left) until you get to SR 45 (Circle K on the right, it only turns right and there's a light). Continue to the 2nd light and this will be SR 9.
  • Sign at SR 9 & Schneider Rd.
  • Link to Google Map of Stone Gate Farm:  You can find directions to the farm, motels and off site stabling on the link to Google Map You can click on the satellite button and get satellite photos of the area.  You’ll have to play around with it a little to zoom in or pan east or west, but hopefully it will be useful.
  • Satellite Map of the farm will help you find your way around Stone Gate Farm..  If you can't open the link  the map go to Horse Trials Tab on the website so you know where you are going. For those who have been coming for years may want to check out the map as well as you will are getting to and from the dressage warm up differently than in years past and the cross country start is in a different location.
  • For those who are coming to Stone Gate Farm for the first time; the drive to stabling is at the bottom of the hill past the house and the Stone Gate Farm sign.  DO NOT pull in the drive unless you’re stopping to pick up packets.  In which case you’ll park in the field to the west of the house.  We recommend accessing SGF from State Route 9.
  • Stable area map to help you locate your stall(s) and parking (which will be tight)
  • Cross Country and Stadium maps will available at check in
                                 Help SGF go "Green"  by using the blue recycling cans
Finally we would like to thank you for coming and we hope you and your horse have a GREAT weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for good Eventing weather.

Jackie & Dave

Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials Awards Sponsors

We are happy to announce SGF has just been added the the T.I.P. (Thoroughbred Incentive Program) sponsored competitions.  The best scoring TB at each level, including Starter will receive a beautiful ribbon, a saddle pad with the T.I.P. logo and $100.  But ... you have to fill out the T.I.P. Entry Form.  Click here for more information on the T.I.P. program.

We are happy to announce that TRM Ireland will be sponsoring prize packages to winners of ALL divisions. These Prize Packages will be given in a TRM tote and will include:

* The drawstring bags which make great helmet bags (with all catalogs included and $10 coupon)
* 1 Good As Gold 2.2 lb Calming Supplement ("Europe's Best calming supplement")
* 5 packets of Electrolyte Gold
* 3 Electrolyte Gold Syringes
* 1 Staysound poultice 11 lbs

Be sure to stop by the TRM table to learn more about TRM products and pick up a TRM drawstring bag which will include a TRM brochure & catalogs from Big Dees and KBC Horse Supplies  - along with a COUPON for $10 off any purchase of $50 or more good on any TRM products (valid at Big Dee's or KBC) 

Finally we have FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips  to be awarded to the top 6 competitors.  For those who are familiar with self-adhesive strips that promote optimum equine respiratory health by reducing airway resistance & providing improved airflow just when your horse needs it most. Check out their You Tube video

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jumper Show and NEW Jumper Derby and Team Competition

Stone Gate Farm is going to close the season with a fun competition which will include jumper classes from Intro @ 1' through Prelim @ 3'7" and a Jumper Derby which will be a combination of show jumping and cross country fences which will utilize the new banks. The Jumper Derby will also be run as a team competition so get a few friends together and have some fun.  To add to the fun; we are also offering a Bareback Gambler's Choice with PRIZE MONEY!!

Enter on-line and if you don't want to pay on-line you can mail your check to:
 Jackie Smith 
31407 Schneider Rd.
Hanoverton, OH 44423

Questions??? Send an e-mail

 Jumper Show and NEW Jumper Derby & Team Competition
  Sat Oct 6th – Closing Date Oct 2 

The Jumper Show will be held in the sand show jumping arena and there will be two classes / level.  All classes will be run under Table IV Sec. 1 which is based on faults and closest to optimum time. Entry Fee: $10 / class pre-entry and
 $15 / class post entry

Levels Offered & Tentative Schedule
Start Times (will NOT start before the times listed below)

  • Intro – x-rails to 1’                  Speed 240mpm            10:00
  • Starter – 2’                               Speed 280mpm            11:00
  • Beginner Novice – 2’7”           Speed 300mpm            12:00
  • Novice – 2’11”                           Speed 320mpm            1:00
  • Training – 3’3”                         Speed 325mpm            2:00
  • Preliminary – 3’7”                  Speed 350mpm            2:30

Bareback Gambler’s Choice – 75% of the entry fee will be distributed to the top 4 placing riders as follows: 1st 40%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, and 4th 10%. Indicate level on entry form.

The Jumper Derby will be offered at the Starter – Preliminary level and will also be run as a TEAM COMPETITION.  Team members do NOT need to be at the same level. The Derby will be held in the sand jumping arena and the grass area surround the sand arena.  The course will consist of show jumping and cross country fences.  The cross country will include portable cross country jumps and banks at Beginner Novice & Novice, a one stride steps for Training and bounce banks for Preliminary. Derby Rules and scoring will be posted.

Riders may enter multiple levels but only ONE level will be scored in the team competition. Please fill out separate Team Entry Form. 

Pre-entry is requested for the Derby
Entry Fee: $25 / $10 for each additional round at the same level not to be scored
Post entry: $30
Team Entry: No charge

Cross Country schooling will be available (weather permitting) @ $25 / horse

On-line Entry Form