Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Notes to SGF Horse Trials Competitors

Notes to Competitors:
Welcome to the Stone Gate Horse Trials.   Please read the information below and even if you have been coming here for years please read as we have changed a few things. 

First of all I would like to thank our awards sponsors: the Jockey Club TIP, TRM Ireland (be sure to stop by their tent to check out their product),  and FLAIR Strips.  Click here  to read more information 
  • We are happy to announce that we will be using Start Box scoring again this year.   Here's the link to Start Box
    • Start times & stabling assignments which are now available.  The overall tentative schedule currently posted and the actual schedule is only slightly different. Be sure to check the overall schedule in your program for the breaks when Show Jumping will be available for walking
    • Results can be accessed anytime during the competition by going to the above link.  Be sure to send the link to family and friends who won’t be coming with you so they can keep up to date on you results.  If you have an air card and a laptop or an phone with internet you can check your scores anywhere anytime.  Scores will be posted under the awning of the camper near stabling and in the small metal building in the middle near the day parking.
  • Packets will be available at the house.  Feel free to stop and park in the front parking field to pick up your packets before heading to the stabling area. Don’t forget pick up maps and programs. 
  • Competitors who DO NOT have complete entries MUST have what they need to make your entry complete  before you will be given a number.
  • We’re using Snap Snap Texting Service for all competitors, support crew and volunteers.  When you can’t hear the PA you can be notified of any changes to the schedule, posting of scores etc.  It’s quick and easy to sign up.  Here's the link to sign up
  • We will be using paper pinnies.  A limited number of  plastic pinny holders will be available for purchase for $15 ($5 lower than what you can buy them for at Bit of Britain)
  • Please note: The drive to stabling is ONE WAY!  DO NOT drive in the neighbor’s hay field!  They are generous enough to allow us to use their drive, please don’t jeopardize that by driving in their field. We are going to try to leave the drive open during dressage (we have done this for a year now and it works quite well if people are considerate) as a convenience to competitors and to keep horses off the cross country course as much as possible.  However we have a few requests:
    • if there is a horse doing their test in Ring 2 (closest to the drive) please wait until their test is completed before going down the drive
    • it is requested that people get to and from the warm up through the pasture/cross country course especially if you have a dog or child in tow ;)
    • those who are in the day parking field are asked to access the warm up are via Schneider Rd.
  • All levels  and divisions will be doing the B Dressage Tests with the exception of Starter which will be riding Beginner Novice Test A
  • The shuttle service will be running on Sat. We will have pick ups will be at the house, near the ‘dome’  near stabling barn & stadium area or call Jan @ 330-853-1580
  • Awards:  All divisions will have ribbons through 8th place and an award for 1st place. For those who may have to leave before picking up your ribbon there will be envelops available that you can address and leave with $2 for mailing the ribbon to you. There will be additional awards that will be listed in the program
  • Stabling:
    • Initial bedding of straw will be provided.  If you do not want the initial bedding and you did not indicate so on your stabling form please e-mail secretary@stonegatefarm.org ASAP
    • The lights in the barn run off a generator and will be shut off at 11:00PM on Fri.  You may want to bring a flashlight or head lamp.
    • Some of the stall gates may be a little difficult use, but if you lift them up in the center they are much easier to handle.
    • Stalls must be stripped to have the ‘muck check’ destroyed
Directions and/or maps can be found at:  
Sign on SR 9
  • IMPORTANT Road Closing for those who are traveling from the PA Turnpike. SR 165 is closed. You will continue South on SR 164 to Columbiana and SR 14. You will turn right onto 14 but do NOT follow the detour when it turns right as it will take you out of your way. Continue west on 14 into the town of Salem and and turn left onto Lincoln Ave (traffic light, Chamber of Comerce on left) until you get to SR 45 (Circle K on the right, it only turns right and there's a light). Continue to the 2nd light and this will be SR 9.
  • Sign at SR 9 & Schneider Rd.
  • Link to Google Map of Stone Gate Farm:  You can find directions to the farm, motels and off site stabling on the link to Google Map You can click on the satellite button and get satellite photos of the area.  You’ll have to play around with it a little to zoom in or pan east or west, but hopefully it will be useful.
  • Satellite Map of the farm will help you find your way around Stone Gate Farm..  If you can't open the link  the map go to Horse Trials Tab on the website so you know where you are going. For those who have been coming for years may want to check out the map as well as you will are getting to and from the dressage warm up differently than in years past and the cross country start is in a different location.
  • For those who are coming to Stone Gate Farm for the first time; the drive to stabling is at the bottom of the hill past the house and the Stone Gate Farm sign.  DO NOT pull in the drive unless you’re stopping to pick up packets.  In which case you’ll park in the field to the west of the house.  We recommend accessing SGF from State Route 9.
  • Stable area map to help you locate your stall(s) and parking (which will be tight)
  • Cross Country and Stadium maps will available at check in
                                 Help SGF go "Green"  by using the blue recycling cans
Finally we would like to thank you for coming and we hope you and your horse have a GREAT weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for good Eventing weather.

Jackie & Dave

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