Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials Wrap up Report

Well another SGF Horse Trials in the record  books.  The rain came at night just as ordered, although lingered a little into Sat morning, the temps were cooler and the footing was much improved after the rain.  All in all a great fall weekend for eventing.

Full results can be found on Start Box. In addition to the leather grooming halter winners received a bag of TRM Ireland products and all riders placing first through sixth received a FLAIR Nasal Strip.  Many thanks to both TRM and FLAIR for sponsoring awards.  Some lucky TB owners also were the recipient of the T.I.P.  awards which were sponsored by the Jockey Club and awarded a championship ribbon, a saddle pad with a logo and $100 check.  We had many eligible horses who submitted the required entry form and proof of eligibility.  Unfortunately there were a couple of owners who didn't get their T.I.P. entry forms and required information in before of the start of the competition and they lost out.  The T.I.P. winners are:
     Preliminary: Sue Hines and Flying Four Shoes
     Training: Julie McElhaney and Uprising
     Novice: Amanda Ruane and Angel Fire
     Beginner Novice and Rockin' Rodney
     Starter: Natalie Krill and Firecracker

Please send our sponsors a quick note thanking them for their support.  Here are their e-mail addresses: Megan Feltrup from TRM IrelandNan Rawlins from FLAIR, and  Kristin Hix from the Jockey Club

There were some other special awards.  The Summer's Gift Memorial award for the highest placing Young Rider in the Open Preliminary division went to Hannah Zollweg and Itty Bitty Sarah and the Master Beginner Novice Award went to Judith Yaegle and Liam.

Brant and Pete got some great pictures which can be found on their website.  Below are some pictures that were taken by one of our jump judges.  If you have any pictures that you would like to share on Face Book, be sure to tag Stone Gate Farm.  For those of you who are on FB, please be sure to 'like' Stone Gate Farm.  That's were we post the absolute latest news about what is going on at SGF.

We hope everyone had a great time and as always we are always looking for ways to make your experience even better so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

Until next time.

Jackie & Dave

Gabbie VanScoy and Crescent Dreams - winner of the Jr/YT Training Div

Julie McElhaney & Uprising - Winners of the Sr Training and TIP Award

Natalie Krill & Firecracker- Winner of the Starter Division and the TIP Award

Katie Taylor & Bev Petrick's Rockin' Rodney - Beginner Novice & TIP Winners

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