Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jumper Show and NEW Jumper Derby and Team Competition

Stone Gate Farm is going to close the season with a fun competition which will include jumper classes from Intro @ 1' through Prelim @ 3'7" and a Jumper Derby which will be a combination of show jumping and cross country fences which will utilize the new banks. The Jumper Derby will also be run as a team competition so get a few friends together and have some fun.  To add to the fun; we are also offering a Bareback Gambler's Choice with PRIZE MONEY!!

Enter on-line and if you don't want to pay on-line you can mail your check to:
 Jackie Smith 
31407 Schneider Rd.
Hanoverton, OH 44423

Questions??? Send an e-mail

 Jumper Show and NEW Jumper Derby & Team Competition
  Sat Oct 6th – Closing Date Oct 2 

The Jumper Show will be held in the sand show jumping arena and there will be two classes / level.  All classes will be run under Table IV Sec. 1 which is based on faults and closest to optimum time. Entry Fee: $10 / class pre-entry and
 $15 / class post entry

Levels Offered & Tentative Schedule
Start Times (will NOT start before the times listed below)

  • Intro – x-rails to 1’                  Speed 240mpm            10:00
  • Starter – 2’                               Speed 280mpm            11:00
  • Beginner Novice – 2’7”           Speed 300mpm            12:00
  • Novice – 2’11”                           Speed 320mpm            1:00
  • Training – 3’3”                         Speed 325mpm            2:00
  • Preliminary – 3’7”                  Speed 350mpm            2:30

Bareback Gambler’s Choice – 75% of the entry fee will be distributed to the top 4 placing riders as follows: 1st 40%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, and 4th 10%. Indicate level on entry form.

The Jumper Derby will be offered at the Starter – Preliminary level and will also be run as a TEAM COMPETITION.  Team members do NOT need to be at the same level. The Derby will be held in the sand jumping arena and the grass area surround the sand arena.  The course will consist of show jumping and cross country fences.  The cross country will include portable cross country jumps and banks at Beginner Novice & Novice, a one stride steps for Training and bounce banks for Preliminary. Derby Rules and scoring will be posted.

Riders may enter multiple levels but only ONE level will be scored in the team competition. Please fill out separate Team Entry Form. 

Pre-entry is requested for the Derby
Entry Fee: $25 / $10 for each additional round at the same level not to be scored
Post entry: $30
Team Entry: No charge

Cross Country schooling will be available (weather permitting) @ $25 / horse

On-line Entry Form

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