Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spring Hunter Pace

Below is a map of the SGF Spring Hunter Pace course and a list of Rules & Reminders to help make your ride go a little smoother.  Registration will be at the front porch of the house and to save time click here for an entry form which you can bring with you or better yet fill out the on-line entry form and pay when you arrive. Keep in mind that the jumping entries close @ 11:00, the flat entries close @ 1:00 and trail riders close @ 1:30.

Since it's going to be a warm day we have added THREE to the optimum time to give you plenty of time to get a drink and the option of a creek crossing for your horses.  There is a wash wrack in the parking area behind the 3 metal buildings to cool them off when you're done with your ride.  Coopers will have their concession stand set up behind the house.

Hope to see you on Mon.


Speeds Used to Calculate the Optimum Time
ALL Ideal Times include a 3 minute Water Break

          Jumping: 240mpm
          Flat / Hilltoppers: 200 mpm
          Trail Riders: 160mpm

Rules and Reminders

  • Jumping teams must jump or attempt to jump all the fences
  • Riders may by pass a fence only after 3 attempts or circles
  • The jumps mark the course as well as fence ribbon, arrows and mowed paths. Flat teams should pass closely to the jumps
  • All team members must finish the course to be considered for the final placing
  • The last team member to cross the finish line is the team’s time. If you are the last member of your team please tell the timer that you are the last rider and your team number
  • Riders must wear boots with heels & hard hats

  • The warm up is in the new sand show jumping ring
  • You can get to the warm up by going past the announcers tower & between 2 tall telephone poles & directly down the hill. Go past the barns and follow the drive to the warm up area.
  • Please use caution when going to and from the warm up; you will be crossing the course
  • Please be prepared to start at your scheduled time
  • When passing teams, please do so no faster than a trot & only where is can be done safely
  • Only jump flagged obstacles No schooling of fences.  Once you have jumped a fence please continue on the course
  • Non jumping teams may jump any of the flagged obstacles
  • THREE minutes have been added to the ‘ideal time’ for a water break next to the drive after fence 18.
  • After the last fence please WALK around the ponds to the finish.
  • At the completion of your rider please put your number in the laundry basket near the covered bleachers.
  • Please stay to the edge of the fields

Have a Great Ride!

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