Monday, April 25, 2011

New Style Pinny - Need Your Input

Over the past year a trend has begun. Competition areas have been veering away from traditional cloth pinnies and are beginning to use ones like those used all across Europe. In Europe, pinnies are owned by the competitor, and just the numbers are given out at the event. The pinnies are easy on, easy off, and expand even to accommodate an Air Jacket---so no concerns there! 

I'm debating if we want to go this way or not.  Would you be willing to pay $20 for your pinny holder?  Bit of Britain is willing to send us pinny holders to sell at the event and we only have to pay for the ones we sell and can send back the ones that we don't.  That way you wouldn't have to pay shipping and I wouldn't have to make a big investment.  I'm still not thrilled about having to print numbers every time but the thought of not having to track down pinnies is somewhat appealing.  Another up side for the riders is that the color of the pinny won't clash with your colors and the pictures will look nicer ;D

So let me know your thoughts ASAP so I can  order the pinny holders if we decide to go that way.  Thanks


Update on the pinnies: Nunn Finer will be providing the numbers so I will NOT have to print the paper numbers each time!!  Now it is looking a little more appealing to me. 

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