Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jumper Show & Cross Country Pace Competition Flier

 NEW Jumper Show and Cross Country Pace Competition
Sat Oct. 15th

The Jumper Show will be held in the sand dressage rings and there will be two classes / level.  All classes will be run under Table IV Sec. 1 which is based on faults and closest to optimum time. Entry Fees: Pre-Entry $10 / class     ~       Post-Entry $15 / class

Levels Offered & Tentative Schedule
Start Times (will NOT start before the times listed below)

  • Intro – x-rails to 1’                  Speed 240mpm            10:00
  • Starter – 2’                             Speed 280mpm            11:00
  • Beginner Novice – 2’7”         Speed 300mpm            12:00
  • Novice – 2’11”                        Speed 320mpm            1:00
  • Training – 3’3”                       Speed 325mpm            2:00
  • Preliminary – 3’7”                  Speed 350mpm            2:30

The Cross Country Pace competition will be held in the field where the back pond, bank complex and the show jumping is usually held.  There will be a measured distance of approximately 600m with up to six inviting cross country fences.  Each rider will get one practice timed round before the competition ride.  The winner will be the rider closest to the optimum time without going over.  Riders may ride additional rides at the same level with the best score counting for ribbons.  Riders may also enter multiple levels.
Entry Fee: Pre-Entry $20     ~       Post-Entry $25     ~      $10 for each additional round

Levels Offered & Tentative Schedule
Start Times (will NOT start before the times listed below)
  • Intro – up to 1’                        Speed 240mpm            11:00
  • Starter – 2’                             Speed 280mpm            12:00
  • Beginner Novice – 2’7”         Speed 325mpm            1:00
  • Novice – 2’11”                        Speed 350mpm            2:00
  • Training – 3’3”                       Speed 450mpm            3:00   will include a steeplechase fence
  • Preliminary – 3’7”                  Speed 520mpm            3:30   will include a steeplechase fence

ALL proceeds will go towards the development of a NEW all weather Show Jumping AND Derby Field

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