Monday, August 19, 2013

Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials - Update Sept 13

Sept 13: Farm Map - please note new show jumping warm up

Sept 2 Mon Labor Day Update

Well today was definitely a day of labor here at Stone Gate Farm as Dave, with a little help from me, continue working on the stabling barn improvement project.  We have dug a footer in front of all the stalls, built forms and poured cement, and placed pins for the gates for the west barn and today we almost finished with the second barn. The cement will the panels and gates from sinking ino the ground which will make the panels a bit higher & more stable and the biggest plus is that the gates will be easier to manage!  We hope those who are stabling will appreciate the improvements.
The digger that Dave had made for the Hoe
The footer dug out

Forms all set

Cement poured showing pins for the gates.  Sadie is supervising

Entry Reminders:
  • Tues Sept 3rd is closing date!  All entries must be postmarked by closing date or assessed a late fee of $20
  • All entries that have been made via X-entry must have paperwork and payment postmarked by closing date or be assessed a $20 late fee
  • Late Entries will be accepted through Fri Sept 13. Entries must be made AND paid for via X-entry P/ T: $165; N / BN: $155; Starter $115.  
Course Updates:
  • the Beginner Novice & Novice ditches have been refurbished 
  • the new Preliminary Corner may not get completed this time around and if so will be replaced with the narrow palisades
  • the new high tech plastic birch has arrived and the steeplechase fence will look awesome - it better this stuff wasn't cheap ;)  Pics to come shortly
And once again I am putting out a plea for volunteers.  If you 're available to help during the event or anytime between now and then, please consider helping out.  Thanks


Aug. 19, 2013

Greetings All,

I will be making updates regarding the Sept 21 - 22, Stone Gate Farm Horse Trials on this blog.  This is the final reminder about the 'early bird' discount which ends Tues Aug 20th.  Any entries postmarked after the 20th will pay and additional $20.  Below are some important links:
We've been busy measuring courses, updating fences, pulling weeds (it's a jungle out there), cleaning out ditches, and making plans for a few new fences which will included a 'kinder and gentler' Preliminary corner. There still is a huge tree to clean up after a strong summer storm and of course the usual primping.  The track will be utilizing a treeline between the hay fields that hasn't been used in a few years and that is going to be a fairly major job to get that all cleaned up and ready to go. If anyone has any between now and then let me know ;)

Meg, Jess & Karen planting 'hens & chicks'
Gator load of weeds that once filled the jump
There's a stone wall jump in there somewhere ;)

The Cross Country Courses are now available for viewing on My Course Walk.  Below are direct links to the individual courses:
In addition to the usual cross country updates we have added a little more footing to the show jumping arena where the footing was a bit thin.  AND the biggest project that Dave has just started is making improvements to the staling area which will make the gates work easier and be more secure.  There are plans to make approximately 16 stalls with permanent fronts since we don't use them for storage the rest of the year like we do with the other stalls. Those stalls probably will not be completed before the fall event, but the planned improvements are definitely on the drawing board.

We hope to see many of you at our event either as a competitor or as a volunteer.



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