Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Hunter Pace Update

We're hoping that the weather cooperates for the Hunter Pace on Sun but we'll be running rain or shine.  So if the weather doesn't look great, put on your rain gear and imagine that you're hunting in Ireland ;)  They're saying scattered showers and hopefully it will miss up.  Keep in mind our footing holds up pretty well even with rain.

Be sure to scroll down for rules and reminders, course map and schedule for those who pre-entererd. 

For those who have not been to the farm before here's a link for directions.  Please keep in mind that the farm map was for our recent horse trials not for the Hunter Pace.  Day parking will be in the front field please park facing the fence as it makes for more room.  Those who have stalls will park down by the stabling barns but keep in mind that the track of the course does go through that stabling area on the east side.  

For those who will be entering on Sun please note the times that entries close and approximate start times.  Entry fees are $25 / rider and everyone must sign a release form.  For those who pre-entered please let the secretary know that you have been assigned a number already.  The secretary will be on the front porch of the house.  

Post Entries Close
Approx. Start Time
Hilltoppers (Ideal on the flat)
Trail Riders (leisurely pace)

Below is a brief description of a Hunter Pace and  list of Rules and Reminders that you may want to review before coming on Sun.

What is a Hunter Pace?

The simple answer, a hunter pace is a nice long enjoyable trail ride with family or friends. Now if you want to know how the elusive “idea time” is calculated, well that’s a little more detailed.  It goes back to its fox hunting roots where riders had to hack to the hunt.  They had to figure out how to get to the hunt on time with a horse that was sufficiently warmed up, but not too tired to hunt.  Since the hunts generally started fairly early in the morning daylight was definitely something that riders had to consider as well.  We would usually leave as soon as you could safely see where we were going & head out at a brisk trot & with a few canters thrown in where the conditions were good.  Obviously if there was a fairly steep down hill or bad footing we would walk.  If we planned things right we would be at the “meet” with time to spare & horses ready to hunt.

Hunter paces developed as a friendly competition where riders would go out on a marked course 4 – 5 miles long & ride @ a pace as if hacking to the “meet” and the one closest to the “ideal” time won.  The ideal time is usually determined by having someone ride the course at a good “hunter pace” as described above & that becomes the “ideal time’.   However, the pace can vary from pace to pace depending on who is riding the course & on what type of horse.  I ride the course on two different types of horses and average the time.  For those of you who have been coming here over the years know that I ride my courses exactly as explained above.  The jumping division is a somewhat faster pace because they end up doing more cantering than the flat divisions.  Over the years we have found that many people really don’t care about being competitive and enjoy a more leisurely pace.  We have always given the “turtle” award for the slowest team on the course.  However, it seemed that the “turtle” award was being contested by many entrants so we have added a new “trail riders” division.  This is a more leisurely pace of mostly walking & trotting.

I hope this answers some of your questions. 

Rules & Reminders

  • Jumping teams must jump or attempt to jump all the fences
  • Riders may by pass a fence only after 3 attempts or circles
  • The jumps mark the course as well as fence ribbon, arrows and mowed paths. Flat teams should pass closely to the jumps
  • All team members must finish the course to be considered for the final placing
  • The last team member to cross the finish line is the team’s time. If you are the last member of your team please tell the timer that you are the last rider and your team number
  • Riders must wear boots with heels & hard hats

  • The warm up is in the dressage rings
  • You can get to the warm up by going past the announcers tower & between 2 tall telephone poles & directly down the hill. The pond will be on your left.
  • Please use caution when going to and from the warm up; you will be crossing the course at fences # 17, 22, 36, and 37
  • Please be prepared to start at your scheduled time
  • When passing teams, please do so no faster than a trot & only where is can be done safely
  • Only jump flagged obstacles No schooling of fences.  Once you have jumped a fence please continue on the course
  • Non jumping teams may jump any of the flagged obstacles
  • Two minutes have been added to the ‘ideal time’ for the Cider Break which between fences 15 & 16 which is about half way.  It will be self serve & there will be a mounting block available.
  • At the completion  of your rider please put your number in the laundry basket near the canoe jump
  • Please stay to the edge of the fields

Have a Great Ride!

Schedule for those who pre-entered ~ I tried to accommodate requests as best as possible.

Time # Div Rider 1 Horse 1 Rider 2 Horse 2 Rider 3 Horse 3
12:00 1 Jumping Holly Shine Sam Lisa Suhrie Reveal The Star
12:03 2 Jumping Alexandra Flavion Braggin Rights Cheyanne Martucci Bailey's Irish Cream Ashley Brush All That Jazz
12:06 3 Jumping Karen Copus Gabriel Meredith Borstorff Smokes Bandit Farbig
12:09 4 Jumping Rachael Cooper Like a Charm Rachael Kindler Charlotte Nicole Zelenak Gabby RVM
12:12 5 Jumping Emily Hummel All American Ladd Kelly Cooper Charlie Kelley Madden Lavinia-Lena
12:15 6 Jumping Regina Jakacki Freddie Krista Child Simeon
12:18 7 Jumping Taylor Walton Silver Charm Allison Deem Sugar
12:21 8 Jumping Tori Swejk Juliet andrea porter Tommy
12:24 9 Jumping Rachel Cellini Curious George Jennifer Minster Mr. Behrens
12:27 11 Jumping
12:30 13 Jumping
12:33 14 Jumping
12:36 15 Jumping
12:39 16 Jumping Jenn Gallagher Bentley Alli DaShiell Westward Go
12:42 17 Jumping Emily Moore Lucy Tess Haynes Otis
12:45 18 Jumping Azia Haynes Shooter Marissa lucci Saskia
12:48 19 Trail Riders Kris Dunlap Danny Leesia Dailey Dante's Jess livengood Boo
12:51 20 Jumping Jordan smyers Caesar Kennedy Sorm Silver
12:54 21 Jumping Holly Shine Josh
12:57 22 Flat Joan Word Josey Chrissy Preistley Dewey
1:00 23 Flat Heather Krysty Maggie Mae Lauren Krysty Callie
1:03 24  Flat Chelsea Nau Performance Horses
1:06 25  Flat Chelsea Nau Performance Horses
1:09 26     Flat Chelsea Nau Performance Horses
1:12 27  Flat Chelsea Nau Performance Horses
1:15 28 Flat Megan Smith Sky's the Limit Tiphani Beckett BB Shy Dancer
1:18 29 Flat  Sarah Campbell  ?? ??
1:21 30
1:24 31 Flat Krista Child Drake Regina Jakacki Mare
1:27 33
1:30 34 Trail Riders Elizabeth Goldberg Kingsberry Kara Jones Ty Monicca Bucci Bindi
1:33 35 Trail Riders Molly Tubbs Little Romeo Wendy Campbell Kings Classic
1:36 36 Trail Riders Barbara Petersen Alvin Yvette Petersen Rosie Mai Hilda Cook Tubby
1:39 37
1:42 38
1:45 39 Flat Jeri Close Dolly Lizzy McClung Diesel
1:48 40
1:51 41
1:54 42
1:57 43
2:00 44 Flat Holly Shine Louie

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