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June 23rd Mini Trials - Final Update

Just few quick notes to help you have a better weekend at Stone Gate Farm.  For those schooling on Sat, you must pick up your number first and you must have a ground person, wear a vest and if you have it a medical armband.  Those who are not stabled will park in the parking field to the west of the house.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use some common sense when schooling.  There is no reason to jump a fence more than a couple of times and be aware of what other riders are doing.  There is no need to jump the same fence repeatedly unless you are having trouble.  We want to preserve your horses' legs and the footing not to mention it is going to be hot and we don't want any horses or riders getting heat stroke.

For those who have not been to SGF before; click here for dir ections to the farm, a stabling area map and more.  Disregard the farm map as the was for an earlier competition, scroll down to see a farm map for this competition. Stabling assignments are listed on the top of the Start Box page.   As always parking is always very tight in the stabling area.  Please squeeze in and be considerate of other competitors.  Cars are ONLY allowed to park in the designated car parking area.  You may use the drive during the competition but wait until a test is completed to pass.  The drive is ONE WAY, incoming vehicles have the right away.

Below is an over all schedule and actual times can be found on Start Box. Keep in mind that the schedule is very tight and you will be expected to ride you dressage on time but those with multiple rides may jump anytime within their level  Please be sure to check in with the paddock person upon your arrival to the warm up areas.  Please refer to the map below for access routes to the dressage arena warm up areas. All riders will be allowed to take ONE lap around the inside of the arena as soon as the horse before them has done their final salute. To facilitate traffic flow; those who are stabled may exit the dressage arenas at the C end of the arena.  Those in ring 1 will exit by the pond and those in ring 2 will exit between the drive and the dome.  Show jumping warm up is limited and we ask that ONLY those horses warming up be in teh warm up area.  Others are to wait on either the east or west ends of the arena.

             All Intro and Very Green Mini Trials will ride in the grass arena and will ride Intro B.  All Intro dressage only will also ride in the grass arena. (refer to the map below)  Starters will do Intro C and ALL other divisions will do the A tests.

Cross Country maps and for the first time a Show Jumping map can be found on My Course Walk

Even though your entry status may not show it; all online entries must sign a release form, all non NEOMTA members must pay a $5 non member fee, and all stabled horses must pay a $10 stall cleaning deposit check unless you paid for the stall cleaning service.  Finally NO BEDDING IS PROVIDED unless you ordered and paid for it.  

We're looking forward to a great weekend and we hope you and your horses have a great time and an educational experience.  Please if you have any questions, please ask.


Stone Gate Farm Mini Trials ~ Overall Schedule

Dressage Ring 1 ~ Judge: Victoria Pirko~ Pond ~ Bell
            8:30   Starter Horse
            9:48   Dressage Training 2 / Beg Nov A
            10:30 Beginner Novice Horse
            12:48 Novice Horse
            1:24   Training Rider
2:06   Training Horse

Dressage Ring 2 ~ Judge: Alex Hauptman ~ Drive ~ Whistle
            8:30   Dressage Training 1 / Intro C
            8:55   Starter Rider
            10:42 Dressage Training 3 / Beg Nov B
            1:12   Novice Rider
            2:18   Dressage Prelim A

Dressage Ring 3 ~ Judge: Jennifer Milliner ~ Grass Arena near XC Start
            8:30   Dressage Intro A & B
            9:00   Intro Horse
            9:25   Intro Rider A
            9:55   Intro Rider B
10:20 Very Green

Show Jumping Schedule
            10:45 – 11:30 Intro
            12:00 – 1:20 Starter & Very Green
            1:40 – 2:40 Beginner Novice
            3:00 – 3:30 Novice
            3:45 – 4:10 Training

Cross Country

            ALL other divisions will go straight from Show Jumping to Cross Country

PLEASE NOTE: riders with multiple rides MUST do their dressage at the scheduled time but may jump anytime within the level

Awards through 6th Place will be given after the ½ hour inquiry period at the house



June 16th: Entry Status is now available on  Start Box

June 10th:

As we're preparing for the SGF Mini Trials on June 23rd I wanted to let you know that entry status / ride times/ stabling assignments/ results will be available on Start Box next week. If you haven't gotten your entry in yet there is still time.  It has come to my attention that the closing date for the SGF Mini is listed on the NEOMTA site as Wed June 12th instead of Tues June 11th so you get an extra day to enter. We will accept all entries through June 12th without assessing a late fee.  However we ask that any entries at this late date be made on-line.  Click here for the on-line registration form (this one works)  We may accept late entries if we have room available but please contact the organizer before making a late entry to verify that there is space available.  If late entries are accepted they MUST be made and paid for on-line.  You will be sent an invoice as the PayPal buttons don't seem to be working at this time.  Please note that if you  have made an on-line entry; your payment must be mailed no later than June 13th otherwise you will be billed, assessed a late fee & a transaction fee for on-line payment and will not be given a ride time until payment is received.  Enough business, now onto the important stuff .... cross country courses.

You will be able to find course maps on My Course Walk.  Below are the links:
        Starter / Very Green
        Beginner Novice

I am in desperate need of volunteers. If you are available to help before during or after the Mini Trials please fill out the on-line volunteer form.

Finally I have been getting questions regarding dressage tests.  That information and more can be form here on the Mini Trials website.  Please be reminded that if you are not a member of NEOMTA, you must pay a $5 non member fee.

Finally, the chaotic cross country schooling on the Sat before the Mini Trials makes me crazy.  If anyone would like to make an appointment to school before Sat please contact me.

I think that's it for now.  With the Lucinda Green clinic Wed & Thurs (auditors welcome) and Lost Hounds this weekend, I will not have the entries processed until early next week.  Looking forward to another fun Mini Trials ... hope to see many of you here in one capacity or another.


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