Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Mock Event" Clinic & Combined Test Update


Just a few notes regarding the  "Mock Event" clinic and Combined Test:

  • All participants MUST sign a release form
  • The dressage demo, followed by a course walk and show jumping will begin @ 6:30 NEW TIME: 4:30 on Fri.  We are fortunate to have Sue Hines to be our demo rider on one of her Preliminary mounts.  If anyone would like to attend the demo only is $10.
  • Here is a link with directions to the farm, a gogle  map, a farm area map and a stabling area map for those who have not been here before
  • Please note: The drive to stabling is ONE WAY!  DO NOT drive in the neighbor’s hay field!  They are generous enough to allow us to use their drive, please don’t jeopardize that by driving in their field.
  • All parking will be in the stabling. Please do not block the drive pull in counter clockwise and park south of the small pipe barn.  Do not block the drive
  • for those stabling; you may pick whatever stall you would like but PLEASE NOTE: no bedding will be provided and stalls must be stripped
  • The secretary will be located the dome
  • Riders may warm up for dressage in the ring adjacent to the drive or in the field to the north
  • Access to the dressage warm up will be between the dome & the drive as to not disturb tests in progress.
  • Dressage clinic participants will start their assisted warm up with Kyle 20 minutes before your scheduled dressage  ride time.  Your test will be judged and after your ride Jackie will work with you to improve your ride. 
  • Jumping clinic participants will ride first in their jumping sections.  Meet Kyle in the warm up at least 15 minutes before your ride time.  You will then ride your course & be judged and then Jackie will work with you to improve on your ride if desired.
  • Anyone may do addition jumping round, not to be judged, for $10/ride
  • Cross country schooling will be available for $25 for those participating in the Combined Test and $35 for those not competing. All riders must sign in and receive a number.  PLEASE NOTE: the field by the pond in the back may NOT be available do to soft footing.
If you have any questions please e-mail me or call my cell @ 330-277-6964

Dressage Schedule:

Dressage First Name Last Name Horse's Name CT Div Dressage Classes
8:30 AM Ashley  Gruber Al-Marah Road Runner
Training 1 - Clinic
8:50 AM Jinny Pfeiffer ?? Very Green Clinic
9:10 AM Cathy Whitehouse Clyde Starter Clinic
9:30 AM Maren Beery Bullwinkle Beginner Novice Clinic

9:50 AM Jessica Hipple Miss Flicka Intro
9:55 AM Jessica Austin Regina Royale Intro
10:00 AM Maya Patterson Mi Te Cool Dude Intro

10:05 AM Hannah McAvoy Shez Busted
Intro A
10:10 AM Cailynne Angelo Dixie
Intro C
10:15 AM Hannah McAvoy Shez Busted
Intro B
10:20 AM Cailynne Angelo Dixie
Training Level Test 1
10:42 AM Hannah McAvoy Shez Busted
Intro C
10:48 AM Cailynne Angelo Dixie
Training Level Test 2
10:54 AM Wendy Park Unexpect
Training Level Test 2

11:00 AM Marshal Smith Sir Portly Lead Line

11:05 AM Gia Venuto Charlie Very Green

11:10 AM Eva Channell Southern Belle Starter
11:15 AM Sue Hines Finn Starter
11:20 AM Rebekkah Herrle (Hurley) King's Ransom Starter
11:25 AM Stephanie George Cyanide Starter
11:30 AM Paige Davis Totally Bodacious Starter

11:35 AM Rebekkah Herrle (Hurley) King's Ransom  Beginner Novice
11:40 AM Stephanie George Cyanide  Beginner Novice
11:45 AM Paige Davis Totally Bodacious  Beginner Novice
11:50 AM Lana Pochiro TuDo  Beginner Novice
11:55 AM Joy Campbell Unexpected  Beginner Novice
12:00 PM Leah Rohan Chapter 'N Verse  Beginner Novice
12:05 PM Taylor Walton Silver Charm  Beginner Novice
12:10 PM Hannah Lintz Sundance  Beginner Novice
12:15 PM Molly Smith Bed Bug  Beginner Novice
12:20 PM Shannon McCall Espresso  Beginner Novice

Sue  Hines D  Beginner Novice jumping only

1:06 PM Mikayla Morrow Cordell Training out of order
1:12 PM Joy Campbell Rainy Day Willie Novice
1:18 PM Heather Strawbridge Jonathan Novice
1:24 PM Jessie Morrow Juliette Novice
1:30 PM Heather Strawbridge Jonathan
Novice B
1:36 PM Billie Jones Charley Novice
1:42 PM Angel Martin-Dias Silk Market Training
1:48 PM Billie Jones Charley Training
1:54 PM Angel Martin-Dias Silk Market
Training B
2:00 PM Phoebe Moes Sofie Training
2:06 PM Mikayla Morrow Zorro Novice out of order
2:12 PM Sue Hines Dante Novice out of order

Show Jumping will be available as follows:

Intro: 10:30 - 11:15

Very Green / Starter:
     Clinic participants: 11:30
     All others: 11:45 - 12:15

Beginner Novice:
     Clinic participant: 12:30
     All others: 12:45 - 1:45

Novice: 2:00 - 2:30

Training: 2:45 - 3:15

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